Genie Bra vs Ahh Bra Reviews

Genie Bra vs Ahh Bra Reviews – The Shocking Truth

Who wins the Genie Bra vs Ahh Bra comparison? Which is better the Genie Bra or Ahh Bra? I’m going to let you in on a secret here with my Genie Bra vs Ahh Bra review. What you learn may shock you.

When I first saw the Genie bra infomercial a couple of months ago I thought, “I’ve seen this bra before. But it was different.” I couldn’t put my finger on it but then it dawned on me. It was just like the Ahh bra that I had read about and that was so popular last year. I really liked the Ahh bra but felt like it was more of an “older” woman’s bra. But there was a difference. That is when I started reading reviews and re-watching the Genie Bra and Ahh Bra infomercials.

It was pretty easy to find Ahh bra reviews because it has been so popular. It has also been for sale quite a bit longer then the Genie Bra. The Ahh bra reviews for the most part were very complementary. Almost all the women reviewing the Ahh bra said it was comfortable, it fit well, the Ahh bra was very supportive and they loved that it didn’t have an underwire (which I hate) so they were not getting poked any longer.

Then I started reading Genie bra reviews. Again the women said the Genie bra was very comfortable, it wasn’t like a sports bra that gave the “uni-boob” look. They liked that it was easy to put on and especially that it got rid of the “back rolls” that other bras caused. It was also mentioned that the Genie bra didn’t have an underwire. After reading the Ahh and Genie bra reviews I was more confused about what the differences were between the Genie bra vs Ahh bra. Then I figured it out!

The difference between the Genie bra vs Ahh bra was the marketing. Would you believe it if I told you the Genie bra is the same bra as the Ahh bra? It is! The only difference is the Ahh bra is marketed to women 50 and over and the Genie bra is marketed to women between 25 and 50. That’s it! That is why all of the Genie and Ahh bra reviews were talking about the same things. So if you are a woman of any age the Genie bra is a great fit for you. Because it is the same as the Ahh bra. But with two very important differences.

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The Genie and Ahh bras are made out of the same special stretchable yet supportive fabric blend. They both are very comfortable, wear well, eliminate back and under arm rolls around the bra line and both provide exceptional support and separation.  But right now there is two BIG differences between the Genie bra vs Ahh bra.

What is the difference with the Genie vs Ahh bra? It is the special introductory offer Genie bra is running right now. For as long as the special promotion is going on you can get six Genie bras for the price of three and a sixty day 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. With the Ahh bra you get three bras and a 30 day guarantee. That is what makes the Genie bra vs Ahh bra a better buy. You get twice as many bras and double the satisfaction warranty with the Genie Bra.

Now you know that there is no difference between the Genie bra vs Ahh bra. And why all the Genie vs Ahh bra reviews were so positive.

Millions of women have bought the Ahh bra and loved it. The manufacturer of the Ahh and Genie bra has now expanded their target market and is currently offering a very sweet deal. If you are looking for a great bra, at a great price I’d highly recommend the limited special offer for the Genie bra.

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